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Answer to puzzle 30Answer to puzzle 98Answer to puzzle 98 spectres call
Code de melodie van het spookCode van de melodie van het spookDo you have to have a 3DS to get the hidden door to Last Specter
Hidden door of Misthallery fifth game of the seriesHidden door of misthalleryHow do I get Future Luke in London Life
How do I get the pass code for memories of misthallery when it's on my dsi (I tried it and it didn't work)How do you obtain the password for the hidden door of Mask of MiracleHow do you obtain the password for the hidden door of last specter
How old is Jean DescoleHow to get future luke in london lifeHow to get the password for the hidden door
How to get the password for the hidden door on spectres callIs Claire's real surname FolleyIs Future Luke In London Life
Is it sad that I figured out Seamus was actually Tony in disguise before Professor Layton didIs jean descole aliveLast Spector. puzzle 159
Last specter hidden doorLayton vs dimitriMemories of misthallery
Memories of misthallery password from professor layton and the spectresMempries of misthallerys passwordMiracle mark puzzle 98
Miracle mask puzzle 13 answerMisthallery hidden doorPassword for screen one
Password for the doorPassword for the secret door of misthalleryPassword the hidden door misthallery
Professor layton & the mirical mask puzzle 98 solutionProfessor layton and the miracle mask password to the hidden door of misthalleryProfessor layton and the miracle mask puzzle 98
Proffesor lyton and the miricle mask puzzle 9 solutionPuzzle 085 spectre callsPuzzle 50 in spectres call
Puzzle 80 answerPuzzle 85 spectres callPuzzle 98 answer
Secret episode 3Seven squares answerSolution to puzzle 42 spectres call
Solution to puzzle 80 spectres callSpectre's call where is puzzle 98Spectres call 76
Spectres call puzzel 19Spectres call puzzle 80The answer to the door puzzle
The answer to thr hidden doorThe code from my miraclemask game wont workThe hidden door code
The hidden door of misthalleryThe last doorWhat are the game name differences across the world
What is London LifeWhat is Professor Layton VS Ace AttorneyWhat is Professor Layton called in different countries
What is the Professor Layton series?What is the answer to puzzle 98 on miracle maskWhat is the code for the hidden door of misthallery on specters call
What is the code from the fith game in the seriesWhat is the door passWhat is the hidden of misthallery
What is the paassword for memories of misthalleryWhat is the passwordWhat is the password for Memories of Misthallery
What is the password for memories in misthallryWhat is the password for the hidden door in misthalleryWhat is the password for the hidden door last specter
What is the password for the hidden door last spectreWhat is the password for the hidden door of misthalleryWhat is the password professor layton 6
When will Last Specter be released in AsiaWhen will Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle be releasedWhen will Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call be released
Where is Puzzle 98 in Layton & Spectres CallWho should play itWho voices Emmy in the film
Why can you only play Mask of Miracle on a 3DSWhy do some names differ from the American, European, and Japanese versions of the gamesWhy does tony take his disguise off in the market and no where else
Why is the password or the spectres call on miracle maskWhy is there a "to be continued" in miracle maskWhy isn't London Life in Europe
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